"The drink, which is loved by the world's consumers, has already started to be produced in Lithuania as well. It turns out that the story of the emergence of an exotic-sounding drink is very familiar to us. Do you remember how tea or a so-called Tibetan mushroom once traveled from hand to hand? We shared it with each other as a cure for all diseases and a talisman that brings happiness. He usually reached new homes along with a note or letter on how to handle and use it. It was instructed to pour the black tea into mushroom, add sugar and consume accordingly. Many would still find such "leaflets" in their parents 'or grandparents' drawers. You probably remember that after tasting this drink, its taste was not pleasantly “surprising”. However, after a secondary fermentation process adapted by clever manufacturers and supplemented with new flavors, a healthy and tasty refreshing drink has been discovered.”

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