R. Mikailionytė presented a new fashion collection and cherished roses garden in Vilnius

Džiaugiamės galėdami prisidėti prie šios unikalios sąmoningumą, tvarumą ir tausojimą skatinančios kolekcijos pristatymo, vaišindami renginio svečius gyva, ekologiška ir naudinga Ohm!Bucha kombucha.

“Presenting the renewed greenery of Rūdninkai Square, the famous woman who discovered her passion for gardening said that citizens are forming a new attitude towards sustainability.

“Watching the environment, I realized that a new generation of gardeners was coming. Vegetation is chosen as the form of life. Citizens are looking for contact with green coziness, warmth. Plants require attention and care, which encourages them to be more intuitive and encounter natural worlds”, - notes R. Mikailionytė.”

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