Probiotics and prebiotics are inseparable elements of a healthy intestine and proper digestion. Surprisingly, the importance and benefits of these so-called “good bacteria” have been explored relatively recently; however, scientists are ALREADY waving evidence of the negative effects of intestinal microflora imbalances on our overall well-being, immunity, and health.

It is said in medicine that our microorganisms act as an independent organ. They are actively involved in regulating metabolism, absorbing trace elements and vitamins, removing toxins, maintaining healthy digestion and even strengthening immunity.

  • Probiotics are living bacteria that lives in the human digestive tract. It is very interesting that when good bacteria (in the form of a kombucha, kefir or capsule) gets used, they immediately start fighting harmful microorganisms. Probiotics tend to densely cover the inner intestinal mucosa, thus preventing the establishment of pathogenic bacteria or viruses.
  • Well, prebiotics are called indigestible carbohydrates - food of probiotics!

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