The word “virus” has become kind of a keyword in 2020 - even our virtual browsing trends give a hint to the worries of preventing it and the need of boosting the immune system. In fact, in March, we asked Google 5 times more often how to protect ourselves against diseases. 

We've already discussed probiotics in a previous lab letter — how they interact with viruses is also extremely relevant. When the balance of good bacteria in our body sags, this one weakens, becoming much more vulnerable to diseases. "Good bacteria" have the ability to neutralize substances that are harmful to us – antibiotics, toxins – or even absorb viruses.

Along with the by-products of digestion, probiotics take care of throwing out substances that pollute it from the body, strengthen immunity and increase the body's resistance. Ohm!bucha in this small glass bottle holds as much as 1.7 billion. these probiotic bacteria, and not only that, it is full of natural vitamins C, group B, D and P, which strengthen the body's immune response. This combination is a serious companion for the cold season!