Kombucha is a naturally fermented functional drink that has been used for thousands of years. It has revived both our local ancestors and the people of distant Manchuria and China, where the historical roots of the drink are believed to be. There it was called the "elixir of life."

Kombucha is made on the basis of black and green tea - it is rich in good bacteria (probiotics) and antioxidants. The sugar in tea is being “eaten” by the "fungus" (SCOBY), a symbiotic colony of yeast and acetic acid bacteria that processes it into carbon dioxide, acids and alcohol.

Ohm!bucha is garnished with natural, real fruit or berry juices without any artificial additives. Carbonic acid drink saturates thanks to two processes of alcoholic fermentation.

Barely sweet, a bit refreshingly sour - kombucha is the most delicious when served cold. It is a much healthier alternative to pasteurized or rich in artificial additives and added sugar drinks. #Kombucha is far from just a delicious refreshment - you will quickly learn why and how.