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Millions of good bacteria for your body!


Ohm! Bucha offers you naturally fermented, unpasteurised and refreshing natural drink rich in probiotics.
Low in calories
Great for vegans
Made in Lithuania!


Kombucha 昆布 茶 (Japanese) - kelp tea. It is believed that this term was introduced in the West by mistake, thinking that kombucha means fermented tea.

A SCOBY is an abbreviation for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Sounds cute? Also is!

A SCOBY is a civilization of all the good bacteria and tea mushroom yeast - it’s like a home to millions of tiny organisms that transform your tea into kombucha. It’s a rubbery raft that floats on the surface of the liquid and protects your tea from outside as it’s fermenting. These layered mushrooms are the key to producing kombucha - they grow with each batch and can be separated to make their individual jars!

It’s all about healthy energy & wilderness boost with our kombucha! This fizzy probiotic tea has been hand-crafted and brewed only in small batches. It’s an old traditional drink brought back to the modern human.


It is nonsense how sweet and unhealthy drinks have become readily available these days. Nonsense that having dinner with cola is normal. It is sad that so far there have been no great alternatives to change this poor habit of choosing anything. A modern person who takes care of his body does not have to be zen or yogi and himself make healthy drinks only at home. We offer you a new, ecological, delicious and perhaps most importantly - Lithuanian, product Ohm! Bucha.


Ohm!Bucha is committed to inspire balance. While our core purpose is to deliver healthy beverage alternatives for humanity, we also have a responsibility to positively impact society and function as global agents of change. Our goal is to inspire positive shifts in the lives of those we reach by offering main-stream yet premium ‘Better for You’ products. We also seek to deliver enriching content that motivates consumers to choose better as they deserve better.


Or, while some kombuchas can be regarded as ‘functional beverages’, others - not so much. What’s the main difference?
Ohm!bucha, being a natural, fermented drink with no artificial enhancers, full of enzymes, bacterial acids and useful secondary metabolites qualifies as a functional drink:
Milijonai gyvų gerųjų bakterijų buteliuke!
Nepasterizuota - visi gerieji enzimai ir kiti trapūs komponentai pasiekia tavo organizmą!
Natūrali karbonizacija (burbuliukai!), ekologiški vaisiai ir arbata - visa, kas geriausia tavo troškuliui ir kūnui.

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